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The BeAtlas network on Produzioni dal Basso

Have you got a project in mind for your community?
Would you like to involve many people to make it happen?

BeAtlas is aimed right at you! We were born to support communities, listen to dreams and ideas in order to make them become true.

We develop fundraising projects on the model of crowdfunding.

Support the projects of the BeAtlas network

Discover the projects in progress and those realized: click here.

Who can join the network

Foreign communities living in Italy.

How to join the network

          1) Ask BeAtlas to support your project

              Contact us by writing to we will evaluate your project and consider supporting it.

          2)Upload your project on the BeAtlas network in Produzioni dal Basso

        Go on and click "Submit a project for this network".

Benefits for your community

Backing of a credible network such as BeAtlas.

Support of a dedicated figure in designing the project.

Further visibility  offer your projects.